about the consortium

Unity, Collaboration, Scholarship, Diversity, Inclusion:

Formed in 2003, the Jacksonville History Consortium brings together the many organizations preserving our city’s history. 

As a unified body, our diverse membership collaborates programmatically, shares information and resources, and provides increased access to historical education and scholarly research - therefore strengthening the foundation of our community and fostering civic pride. ​

To learn the many truths regarding all that is Jacksonville - including early settlers, 19th and 20th Century urban planning and architecture, Civil Rights and Black history, city governance, and our national parks heritage - visit the organizations conserving and sharing Jacksonville's history now and for our many generations to come.

For their support and collaboration by providing websites and additional marketing support, the Consortium wishes to thank:

Know the true who, what, when, why, and how of our city.  Visit the organizations holding the keys to Jacksonville's unique past, in person or online. Your journey begins here.

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